"It is the mind that shapes the body."


About the Instructor


Lauren is a BASI certified Pilates instructor with years of experience working with a wide range of movers including specialty populations, all ages and levels of Pilates experience. Her background in dance and dance instruction has influenced her movement journey bringing creativity and passion to her Pilates students...Read more


"Lauren's knowledge of how the various muscles and tendons etc. work together has helped me get past some long-standing problems: painful and sometimes disabling lower back muscle spasms." - Kathryn Sweeney, RN 

"Pilates with Lauren is so intentional, with a focus on balance and strengthening. My body has completely transformed and I am in control of it like never before. I am 60 now and can balance on my toes for more than 5 seconds!! Try it! Pilates with Lauren is my addiction! Well, plus coffee, of course..." - Shellie 

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